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If you feel like you want to do something different in Madrid than visiting museums, galleries, parks, cafés, bars…try those little clubs that offer great concerts. Last Friday we were happy to get a VIP spot just above the stage to enjoy the Passenger´s concert.

This talented, witty and funny English folk-rock singer & songwriter, whose real name is Michael David Rosenberg, better known by his stage name Passenger, is one you have to see perform live. There was only him and his guitar on his stage and his acoustic concert was absolutely priceless. I must say it - this skinny, tiny guy has so much bloody energy. 


Passenger opened the night with the song “Rolling stone”. To brighten up the mood, he followed with an upbeat rendition of “Life’s for the Living,”followed by “The Wrong Direction” both from ‘All the Little Lights’ the album that led Passenger to his success in America.

In between songs, he also told us a few funny stories and a serious one about a man he met that would touch anybody´s heart. The man was driving on his motorcycle from the West Coast to the East Coast in hopes to see his granddaughter again before he died.
The night continued with a mix of happy and sad songs, keeping the mood light and joked frequently about the Spanish ham “Jamón” and the good weather comparing to the dreadful rainy one that waited for him in the UK. 

The clear fans favorite of the night was the mellow “Let Her Go,”  and the Passenger’s first song that brought him into the spotlight. 

Of all the concerts I have been to, the best is to stay after because there’s always a guaranteed encore. In the Arena club, the fans screamed, called on the singer, whistled and in the end sang the 
musician´s song that made Passenger come out enthusiastically, and end up the night with three extra songs. The last one was the song “Holes,” a heartfelt and upbeat song about going on in life despite having low points...

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